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county residents could be in for the largest property tax hike since the recession started. the board of supervisors voted last night to advertise a tax rate as a dollar 10 per $100 of assessed value. that's 2 cents higher than the current rate. each cent increase adds up to about $50 on the average taxpayer's bill. several public hearings will be held next month on the measure to discuss it. >>> maryland house of delegates is taking up a bill to increase the state's minimum wage today. the measure would raise the rate to $ an hour by -- $10.10 an hour by 2017. >>> president obama will be on the road pushing his 2015 budget and the federal minimum wage will be his focus at central connecticut state university which is in new britain. he wants congress to raise it to $10.10 an hour. after his speech at the college, the. is off to boston for two democratic fund-raisers. >>> today the house of representatives is set to take its 50th vote to modify the affordable care act. the senate isn't likely to take up the measure that would push back the individual mandate for a year. but as ja
fiscal year. it it includes several tax proposals to help low and middle-class families. they are sorting to sift through the information and we'll have more details now tonight starting at 5:00 and at >>> international pressure is mounting for russia to withdraw its troops from ukraine. but as chris boswell reports from the white house, a defiant vladimir putin is not backing down. >> reporter: russian soldiers fired warning shots and stood face to face with ukraine soldiers. they were demanding the russians vacate the area. the tense standoff occurred just before secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to show support for ukraine's government. >> the united states reaffirms our commit to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression. >> reporter: russia is under pressure to pull thousands of troops from southern ukraine, a region with many ethnic russians and considerable strategic advantages for russia's military. in his first extended comments since russian troops seized crimea, p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2